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Monday, April 4, 2011


“I did not know Him but He who sent me to baptize with water said to me ‘Upon whom you see the Spirit descending and remaining on Him is He who BAPTIZES WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT” John the Baptist (John 1:33)

“I thank God, I speak with tongues more than you all “ By Paul the apostle: 1Cor 14:13-15, 1 Cor 14:18

I’m so glad I was able to speak with  tongues and I'm so glad that I have received this significance spiritual experience  called the"Baptism of the Holy Spirit". Nobody taught me the know how,and nobody laid hand or prayed over me to be baptize by the Holy Spirit. It was a direct revelation from the Holy Spirit to me(Galatians 1:11-12)

I wish I could receive a normal kind of spiritual experiences from God which every normal Christians normally does.I wish I could just   go to a church service or attend a "seminar in the Holy Spirit ' being taught by an anointed preacher or attended the Benny Hinn or Reindhard Bonnke's ministry and being laid hand during their service and see myself fall "Baam!"  slain by the Holy Ghost and right there on the floor filled with the Holy Spirit  and began to speak in an unknown tongues because I'm being baptize by the Holy Ghost.
Oh I  could wish then that I could stand and testify to all the "seminar attendees" and share to them of such spiritual experience as a good testimony that Jesus Christ still baptize with the Holy Spirit and then a good clap hands  of accolades from the crowd I hear after my testimony.You know what I mean? Just go through a normal spiritual experiences like every  normal christian would go through?

BUT this was not my case folks.Each spiritual experiences that God has given to me was by a divine revelation and by the "rhema"revelatory word of God.I know now why God had permitted me to experience such in a divine manner, "first hand".This is because of my prophetic and apostolic calling.(I needed to experience it "first hand"so that I have enough faith to impart such revelatory apostolic  anointing to God's saints)

I'm talking about some 25 years ago,back there in my small village called Penapah,Penampang,
Sabah.Malaysia.All alone in my home,who grew up being a traditional Catholic .I was totally "away"and secluded from ever be experiencing this so called "Charismatic movement".Each spiritual experience such as  being Born Again (Jesus Christ have to come to me in a divine vision-will share this testimony in the latter),Baptism of the Holy Ghost -(Direct revelation),Sanctification & deliverance(revelation),receiving the anointing and Charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit,Divine calling as an Evangelist,Apostle,prophet and teacher (Divine encounter & divine Vision).God always come and speak to me in a vision and dream or pour out His spiritual impartation or gifts via a direct revelation from the Lord Jesus  Christ and from the Holy Spirit.One of such revelation is knowing Jesus Christ as the Baptizer of the Holy Spirit.

Even though the  "Born Again" experience  has brought in a big change on my heart in 1982,but after walking with the Lord for few years,I realize that  I needed a greater spiritual experience to GROW unto maturity. I feel something is missing in the area of divine ability to stay through and walk as a Christian. I lack 'power' to do the works of God and I need to move into the area of 'sanctification' in which I lack.

I want to be ‘set apart’ for His work and I’m missing this 'key' to open the door to receive the divine power of God. Longing for new spiritual nourishment,one day I earnestly seek the Lord in prayer and fasting with only the Bible in my hand. This again was another spiritual journey of studying and reading God’s word till the Holy Spirit began to unveil His revelation about the important of being anointed with His power. I was glued reading this Bible verse that says “He who sent me to baptize with water said to me , ‘upon whom you see the Spirit descending and remaining on Him, this is He(Jesus) who baptizes with Holy Spirit’ John 1:33.

The golden key to receive any supernatural  gifts fromGod is simply :' ASK'
 “ much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy spirit to those who ASK HIM!” Luke 11:13.
Alone at home, I earnestly prayed and ask Jesus to baptize me with the Holy Spirit and I was struggling for many days on how to receive and get into this experience of being baptise by Holy Ghost.I was like Jacob ,who "wrestle with God "in my prayer and fasting.I was clinging hard to the promise of His word till I received a spiritual breakthrough on which Jesus finally baptized me with the Holy Ghost!

That day did come when all of the sudden,I was filled with a 'great faith' to receive this blessing I cried: "Jesus Christ,my beloved Savior,I ask of You..baptize me with Your Holy Spirit.I hunger and thirst to be filled with Your Holy Ghost.Heavenly Father ,I ask of You..give me Your Holy Spirit,fill me with Your Spirit, oh God.Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ,I ask of You to fill me with Your presence now"

I did "ASK" that day and you know what?,something began to happen within my innermost being. It’s like a fountain flow of living waters filling my whole entire being and began to overflow that when I open up my mouth, I began to speak in  different tongues.My mind doubted for my mind was unable to grasp this strange experience. I almost wanted to stop but again I felt so good and thus continued to speak in tongues till I was filled with Him!This word of Jesus explain it all:

 "But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life "John 4:14b)

I was continually speaking in tongues as the Spirit gave me utterance to speak (Acts 2:4) It really edifies and refreshes my heart (1 Cor 14:3).I was spiritually "recharge "that day and oh..what a joy in the Lord! Jesus did baptize me with His Holy Spirit .I may have not spoken in the charismatic Gift of tongues that day,BUT I certainly have spoken and pray in tongue that day 1(1 Cor 14:2,1 Cor 14:14:14)

I was only in my 20's then(Early 80's) . Since then, I’ve been speaking and praying in tongues for over 20 years now (as of this year, 2011) .My spirit man have gained such a high degree of tongue's diction,elocution and enunciation being developed throughout the years.I can speak at over seven type of tongue languages and  I'm able  to interpret my tongue.I did speak one Gift of tongue which is an African language though I've not learn African tongue before.I've been praying and singing in tongues and spoke  many prophetic tongues with such accuracy in wisdom,diction and elocution.Indeed ,I have grown matured speaking in tongues all these years.

I’m not bothered about such controversial doctrine of tongues and the many theological school of thoughts on"Baptism of the Holy Ghost or receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost'doctrine which many have debated .As for myself,I’m not a doctrinal person, rather am a practical man.I just accept the simplicity of God’s word just as it is. This is what I call “simple faith as of a child” .I once asked a president of a big Evangelical Church back in Sabah: “Why is that it’s hard to see the Gospel being preach with such simplicity for people to see the demonstration of God’s power?” He did acknowledge it and I didn’t know to what level did he noted my opinion then.

Don’t try to understand or analyze the wind as a chemist use to do. Just enjoy breathing in and breathing out the air for it’s God’s natural gift for every human being. Don’t try to understand or analyze how the Spirit come and work. Just ask Jesus to filled you with His Spirit, believe it in your heart and say “Jesus I believe You are the baptizer of the Holy Spirit. I come to You now and baptize me with the Holy Ghost.Come Holy Spirit and dwell in me now!

 "ASK" is the key.Open up your mouth, shut up your mind and just speak up whatever first utterance that the Spirit give to be spoken by your spirit man.Jesus said “The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit” John 3:8.
 You see, don’t WAIT for the Holy Spirit to speak through your mouth in tongues because He won’t! This is a wrong teaching and understanding about the doctrine of speaking in tongues. He will only give you utterance/inspiration of words and you need to do the speaking part from your own spirit. Holy Spirit within inspire you by giving an utterance of word to be vocally spoken.Your spirit man do the speaking part.

Acts 2:4 clearly tells us “and they were filled with the Holy Spirit and (they) began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance”.
If you don’t have one, then pray and ask the Holy Spirit in you to give you an utterance of words. There are literally thousands  of spiritual utterances of words that are ready to be given by the Holy Spirit for each and every one of us.This utterance of tongues will eventually turn into a wonderful heavenly languages' diction when practice into maturity. Utterance of words acts as the ‘initial spiritual deposit ’given by the Holy Spirit. It’s something that you can carry on into your spiritual journey of tongues speaking world of mysteries.

You will receive it, be it just a simple plain mumble bubble funny sound of UTTERANCE ( I call it the baby stage of learning to speak) but as you continuously pray and speak , a distinctive diction of SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE OF TONGUE began to develop within you. Your own spirit will have a new signature language and enunciation of heavenly tongues and can  develop progressively by a continued tongue speaking practice session. It’s so pity that many charismatic tongues speaking bible believers are still at their ‘baby stage of tongue speaking’ even though they have been speaking in tongue for the last 10-50 years!.Why can they just develop such tongues language to a more mature tongue's diction and elocution?.This same monotonuous baby stage tongues sound of "Sicaraba,sicabarab,sicaraba,sicarabi sande"has been spoken since day one and been hearing it spoken again and again  for the last 20 over years!

Now hear me now folks,this spiritual experience of being baptize with the Holy Ghost is real and still relevance for every born again child of God today.Either you have enough faith to ask from God by yourself or you ask man of God who are filled with the Holy Spirit to pray and lay hand on you,you will definitely receive the gift of the Holy Spirit in His  baptism anointing.Your life will never be the same again for God will bring you to your personal "Pentecost"experience.Be ye baptize in the Holy Ghost in Jesus's mighty name!!!
By:Apostolic & Prophetic SEER

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